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Monroe Institute: Investigating human consciousness

The Monroe Institute serves as the core of a research affiliation investigating the evolution of human consciousness and making related information available to the public.

Become Empowered

Live life to your fullest potential

Connect with Guidance

Engage your inner guidance to make better life choices

Awaken Your Consciousness

Gain a more compassionate understanding towards people and life

Enlightened Perception

Know that you are a multi-faceted energetic being with endless potential

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Hemi - Sync®

Binaural beat technology

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Meet our trainers

Linda Leblanc

Linda Leblanc

Residential and Outreach Trainer

Barbara Jones

Barbara Jones

Outreach Trainer

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From the Monroe Institute, a meditation app unlike any you've ever experienced — relax,
de-stress, improve your sleep, and rediscover feelings of joy that are buried deep inside.

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Expand meditations feature guided imagery and Monroe Sound Science technology using targeted soundwave patterns to tap into specific areas of your conscious and subconscious minds that can free you from unwanted patterns, stimulate creativity, and foster a greater sense of meaning and purpose.

Free download here:

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