Going Home | October 15th & 16th

The Step Beyond

  • Starts 15 Oct
  • 175 euros
  • Virtual Online

Service Description

The Going Home course is based on the Hemi-Sync® series designed by Robert Monroe, Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and Dr. Charles Tart. This two-day workshop offers opportunities to explore altered states of consciousness and guides participants through deeply expanded states of awareness and teaches techniques for letting go of anxieties and concerns that inhibit growth and freedom. Specifically designed Hemi-Sync® exercises are used to explore Focus™ Levels 10 through to 27. At Focus 27 you will have the opportunity to visit "The Park" described in Robert Monroe‘s book: Ultimate Journey. Prerequisite: Excursion course. Please note that the Going Home workshop is not an accredited Monroe Outreach course at this time.

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