Excursion | Sep 18th & 25th

Virtual Online Excursion | Enrich Your Journey of Self Discovery

  • Starts 18 Sept
  • 195 euros
  • Virtual Online

Service Description

Barbara Jones and Linda Leblanc, accredited Monroe Institute Virtual Online Outreach Trainers, invite you to the Virtual Online Excursion Workshop. In this two day expertly and clearly guided workshop you will, through Hemi-Sync® audio technology experience consciousness exploration. This easy-to-use audio guidance technology helps you to create states ranging from deep relaxation to expanded states of awareness enabling self healing, inspirational decision making, inner harmony and deep states of relaxation. You will access you own inner guidance, release fears and limiting beliefs and delve deeper into your human potential. During the Workshop you will: • Learn tools to access expanded states of consciousness quickly and easily whenever you wish. • Access your previously untapped intuition, healing potential and many other inner resources. • Learn how to practically apply these tools for everyday life including better quality sleep, positive decision making and self healing. • Experience expanded states that generally require 20+ years of dedicated meditative practice. This Virtual Online program uses the Zoom platform which allows you to attend in the comfort of your own home, from anywhere in the world. We have structured the workshop timing so that you can comfortably attend from your home base in Cyprus, UK, Middle East, South Africa, UK or anywhere in Europe.

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