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Wandering Within and Discovering the Interstate


In this Blog series I will be sharing with you some of Bob Monroe’s conversations in the Explorer Series Audio files which are available for you to access at no cost, anytime on the Monroe Institute Archives

I highly recommend you take a few moment and visit Monroe Institute Cyprus to learn a little more of Bob Monroe’s incredible contribution to us all.

Connecting with Your Intuition

Have you ever had a moment of inspiration or a flash of clarity when you are trying to solve a problem, acted on it only to find the outcome was not quite as positive as you hoped?

Many believe these moments stem from a deep sense of knowing. Well, it is and it isn’t. The accuracy of this downloaded information depends on your own emotional, physical and mental state at that time as well as your frequency .

In the latest Explorer Series Audio file:“Life as Wave Forms”, Bob describes our individual experiences here on earth as governed by our unique “wave forms”. These wave are rather like sine waves which flow up down, creating peaks and valleys. We are never in stasis. We are flickering in and out of high frequency consciousness. However, we are not able to perceive the gaps between. We are only aware of the peaks.

If you think of Time / space is local traffic (interstate) and earth living is local, local traffic.Consider all the messy local, local traffic things you expereince such as local culture, local superstitions, local misconceptions and the hold ups they create, When we think of the interstate with smooth traffic flow in both directions this enables all kinds of choices. How different that is. You can be part of the flow on the interstate with the smooth running local traffic r part of the local, local traffic which has all sorts of hold ups.

There lies the problem. We believe we are in receiving mode, but the flickering (imagine an electric light or candle flickering) indicates instability of the connection. However, if you are able to discern the gaps between the peaks this would enable you to work with the frequency of your unique rhythm and more easily access the interstate. You will more accurately KNOW when you are connecting and when you are not.

To help you on this journey we offer the Monroe Excursion Program. Over two days we help you develop the tools to access the interstate smoothly and easily. You will be able to verify and KNOW as you learn to use the Focus Levels You become your own authority.

Upcoming Excursion Programs

  • Sunday June 26th (Day 1) Sunday July 3rd 2022(Day 2)

Registration OPEN until June 22nd

  • Sunday September 18th (Day 1) Sunday September 25th 2022 (Day2)

Registration OPEN until September 14th

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