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Cords of Light

Explore and reflect on your relationships, and infuse them with the energy of Grace with this guided meditation by Thomas Mooneagle.

Inner States Bundle

Inner States: Dawning of Awareness – Explore methods to activate the power within yourself, achieve inner peace, remain centered and calm in times of uncertainty, and transcend limiting thought patterns.
Inner States II: A Return to Light – Experience yourself as a source of light, and find more integration and oneness in this world and beyond.

The Mediumship Series Bundle

Evidential medium Suzanne Giesemann teaches that we all have the ability to connect with those who have passed; with guides, angels, the masters, and with Oneness itself.

Einsteins Dream

Enjoy the lively music of Mozart and the remarkable brain synchronizing effects of Hemi-Sync® with this brilliant interpretation of Einstein’s favorite music.

Seasons of Roberts Mountain

Focus and concentrate with this rendition of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and Hemi-Sync®.


Enjoy a totally refreshing nap in only 30 minutes.

Golden Mind

Ideal for focusing attention, enhancing memory, and achieving states of peak performance. May also be helpful for ADD/ADHD and other learning challenges.

Indigo for Quantum Focus

Develop mental states of peak performance with the electronic music of J.S. Epperson and Hemi-Sync® concentration frequencies for super-learning.


Develop fresh perspectives and creative insights with this delightful New Age composition.

Touching Grace

Connect with mystical realms with inspired music from Amoraea Dreamseed and Hemi-Sync®.

Sacred Space: The Practice of Inner Stillness

Experience the transcendent peace of sacred space with this powerful meditation by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

Wisdom of the Heart

Ambient textures and soothing melodies work beautifully with Hemi-Sync® frequencies to create a peaceful environment for maintaining inner balance, nourishing body, mind and spirit, and remembering the splendor of life.

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